About Yolande Duplessis

Wickedly Sassy is a planner and publishing company started and managed by author and entrepreneur Yolande Duplessis.

Yolande, a former Executive Personal Assistant, is a planning and productivity expert, who believes that too many women feel overwhelmed with all they have to do each day and that most women feel they cannot be a stay-at-home-mom and earn a living from home.

In 2013, Yolande left the corporate world and started a Fiction Editing business, where she used her degrees in English and Literature to help other authors perfect their novels for publication. She also advised writers on the how-tos of writing novels and the planning and execution of writing goals.

In 2015, her son, Sebastian, was born and needed an operation at the age of 2 months. Spending all her time in ICU where her young son was fighting for his life and health, Yolande lost all her clients and business and instantly became a stay-at-home-mom.

In January 2019, Yolande started working on her own writing career and the research into her own business, while running her household and being a mom to little Sebastian.


In May 2020, she started her dream company, Wickedly Sassy, a planner and publishing company to publish her own books as well as design productivity tools such as planners and planner accessories.


In July 2020 she added a YouTube Channel to her busy schedule where she shares her life as an author and entrepreneur, and advice on planning, productivity, creativity, and personal growth.

Yolande truly believes that women can have it all if they just plan and organize their lives for ultimate productivity, while still being creative and passionate about family and friends.

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